Introducing character of Il Jung keyboard

  • Chinese character(CJK) keyboard, using 26 strokes which is assigned to keys on qwerty keyboard
  • Directly input the shape of Chinese characters and stroke to input Chinese character(CJK)
  • Anyone can enter easily and quickly by learning only 26 key strokes
  • Pinyin is not used, and all Chinese characters can be entered with an average of about 4 strokes.
  • The handwriting ability could be improved easily since you are using strokes as if you were writing Chinese characters(CJKs) by your own handwriting.
  • If you know only Chinese characters, you can enter it conveniently in Traditional, Simplified, or Abbreviated.
  1. Innovation ◦ It is not an indirect input like Chinese Pinyin. It is not a direct input of the side-by-side method like the author type. Direct input of all Chinese (Traditional, Simplified) is possible with only 26 keyboards developed.
  2. Marketability ◦ It is a breakthrough in the field of document writing, and the Chinese language direct input education program.
  3. Functionality ◦ It is easy to use by inputting all Chinese texts easily and quickly with only 26 keyboards.。
  4. Design ◦ You can learn at a glance by arranging one Chinese letter on each of 26 keyboards.